300mg Gummy Bears. Mixed Berry, CBDfx

A sweet, chewy Vegan gummy bear that’s loaded with 5mg of broad-spectrum CBD. Make your daily doses something to look forward to with these delicious berry treats that you won’t be able to resist!
Manufacturer: CBDfx
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These fruity broad-spectrum CBD gummies are made from organically grown hemp and lightly dusted with natural cane sugar — because we believe you deserve the purest products possible.

Why CBDfx Gummy Bears? Each delicious, fruit-flavored gummy comes loaded with 5 milligrams of high-quality, broad-spectrum CBD. These irresistible chews make it simple (and fun!) to treat yourself to the many potential benefits in carefully pre-measured amounts—at any time of day, no matter where you are.

THIS PRODUCT IS PERFECT FOR YOU IF: You prefer to take your daily CBD serving in the form of a tasty treat! A tasty gummy makes it easy to remember to take your full spectrum CBD each day, and the mouth-watering flavor will make you look forward to each and every helping. This 60-count bottle will supply most users for one to two months.

WHY CBDFX? Our Gummy Bears are the absolute pinnacle of CBD candy treats. That’s because they’re made with all-organic ingredients, free of GMOs, and never contain artificial sweeteners. The gummies contain broad-spectrum CBD, meaning that all of the hemp plant’s powerful compounds remain intact. Oh, and did we mention that they’re so delicious that you’ll have to restrain yourself from eating your month’s supply too quickly?

HOW DO I USE IT? Follow the label directions. Start with one or two gummies, depending on your body’s size and your prior experience. Wait to see how the dose affects you before increasing your serving.

ANY SIDE EFFECTS?  Our CBDfx Gummy Bears are free of any major side effects. You will not feel “high” or intoxicated, and the most commonly reported side effect is mild drowsiness.


  • Contains 60 gummy bears with 5 milligrams each
  • 100% organically grown hemp that’s extracted into broad-spectrum CBD.
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • Made and grown in the USA

Ingredients: CBD from stem, flower and buds, organic cane sugar, organic tapioca syrup, purified water, pectin, tri sodium citrate, citric acid, tomato lycopene (for color), natural flavors



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