Deep Rhythm Women Active Lifestyle Footwear, FitKicks

KOZIKICKS provide a snug yet breathable fit, with a fully-lined plush interior. Slip in and escape to a level of comfort you've never felt before.
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Deep Rhythm Special Edition FITKICKS for women are a black and white tribal print pattern. These Special Edition FITKICKS shoes with Flex Form sole technology seem so vibrant! The soft stretchy upper is form-fitting and comfortable. It features a protective toe guard to prevent excess wear points and an elastic strap for grip and fashion. Strap is not adjustable.

FITKICKS offer full movement potential with a unique design and ergonomic fit. Durable FlexForm sole naturally contours to your foot for free range of motion, and fold and go transport.

FitKicks active life footwear:  slip into comfort, then rev it up!

These Fit Kicks shoes are a perfect match for today’s busy lifestyles. Their form-fitting construction is extra breathable.  It sits atop a  sole that provides ergonomic comfort.  An easy slip-on design; a perfect fold-and-go portability.

The TECHNOLOGY is specifically engineered to provide natural contour and free range of motion.  The protective toe guard prevents dragging and excessive wear points.

Wear them anywhere:  traveling, cruising, exercising, walking, grooving, commuting, kicking back, at the beach, for high heel relief, everyday errands, water sports, and yoga!

Women Shoe Size: Small (5 - 6 1/2), Medium (7 - 8), Large (8 1/2 - 9 1/2), X-Large (10 - 11)

Women Shoe Length: Small (9"), Medium (9.50"), Large (9.75"), X-Large (10")

Women Shoe Weight: Small (2.8oz), Medium (3.1oz), Large (3.6oz), X-Large (3.8oz)

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