Hemp Authority Seal

What Is The New US Hemp Authority Seal of Certification?

Starting January 1st, 2019, The US Hemp Authority will begin granting seals of certification to hemp companies and products that pass a third-party audit, education, and certification program. Standardizing quality control is an important step forward for the hemp industry.

The US Hemp Authority has chosen to award over 30 hemp companies with their seal of certification. This concludes their first round of certification. You can read more about which companies received the first class certification below.

  1. Atalo Holdings, Inc. - Processor/Manufacturer
  2. Balanced Health Botanicals - Distillery and Bota - Processor/Manufacturer
  3. Barleans - Processor/Manufacturer
  4. Bluebird Botanicals - Processor/Manufacturer
  5. Charlotte's Web - Processor/Manufacturer
  6. Daddy Burt Hemp Co. - Processor/Manufacturer
  7. CV Sciences - Processor/Manufacturer
  8. Daddy Burt Hemp Co. - Processor/Manufacturer
  9. Elixinol - Processor/Manufacturer
  10. EVG Extracts - LLC Processor/Manufacturer
  11. Farmer's Daughter Hemp - Processor/Manufacturer
  12. FSOil, LLC - Processor/Manufacturer
  13. GenCanna Global USA - Processor/Manufacturer
  14. Great Lakes Cultivars - Grower
  15. HempFusion - Processor/Manufacturer
  16. Hemptown USA - Grower
  17. Hempworx/MDC - Processor/Manufacturer
  18. Hemp Depot - Grower
  19. Kannaway - HempMeds and Dixie Botanicals - Processor/Manufacturer
  20. Kentucky Crafted - Processor/Manufacturer
  21. Medterra - Processor/Manufacturer
  22. Natures Hemp Oil - Processor/Manufacturer
  23. Nutrition Formulators Inc. - Processor/Manufacturer
  24. Pet Releaf - Processor/Manufacturer
  25. Puffin Hemp - Processor/Manufacturer
  26. Pure Vision Technology dba Pure Kind Botanicals - Processor/Manufacturer
  27. Rad Extracts, LLC - Processor/Manufacturer
  28. Shell Farms - Grower
  29. Vitagenne Inc. - Processor/Manufacturer
  30. Winged Nutrition, LLC - Processor/Manufacturer
  31. Zilis, LLC - Processor/Manufacturer

We created Potted Shop, in part, because of the lack of quality regulation and welcome the US Hemp Authority seal as one of the ways we will validate our hemp-derived products. As always, we will continue to research and perform our own personal and third-party tests on products before adding them to our shelves so that you can shop with peace of mind.

What is The US Hemp Authority?

The US Hemp Authority is an organization that was launched in 2018 by the US Hemp Roundtable, Hemp Industries Association, and the American Herbal Products Association. These organizations are the leaders in the hemp industry, paving the way via consulting firms and top-tier testing laboratories. The US Hemp Authority officially began its work on November 2, 2018, and will prove to be a leader and visionary throughout 2019 and into the future.
What Does the US Hemp Authority Seal Certification Program Include?

To receive certification by the US Hemp Authority, hemp manufacturers may undergo intensive education before being audited. This education is important, but not mandatory to receive the US Hemp Authority certification. If attending the The Hemp Authority educational program, the event will include learning rules and regulations within these areas of focus:

    Quality Management Systems
    Mastering Manufacturing Records
    International Organization of Standardization | Quality Standards
    Current Best Practices in Manufacturing
    Employee Training within the Industry
    Farming and Agricultural Techniques and Practices

The guidance procedures for growers and processors is laid out in entirety at

US Hemp Authority Auditing and Consumer Guarantees

After completing the educational portion of the US Hemp Authority certification, producers will feel comfortable taking the next step in the program. The second phase of the program includes hemp farmers and manufacturers undergoing an audit performed by the Hemp Authority Certification's auditing service provider, Where Food Comes From.

The participants are held responsible for what they grow, harvest, extract, and then package for selling purposes. Once the audit is complete and participants pass, the company is permitted to use the US Hemp Authority seal of certification on raw material, processed goods and finished products.

This system of accountability will ensure that consumers are provided with the following:

    The product is sourced from legal hemp
    Manufacturers have taken step to follow Good Manufacturing Practices
    Growers have taken steps to follow Good Agricultural Practices
    Companies have procedures in place for chain of custody and safe employment practices
    Records of production of hemp, including information such as:

  • Sourcing of hemp seeds
  • Date of planting/harvesting
  • Site locations
  • Growth substrates or materials
  • Date of harvest
  • Destinations of manufacturing and sales

Why Does The US Hemp Authority Seal of Certification Matter? Understanding Labeling.


You may remember back in the 1990s and through the early 2000s, much of the grocery industry was in flux, with labeling and requirements for manufacturers changing each year. Currently we see things on packaging such as:

    Fair Trade Certified
    USDA Certified
    Cruelty Free / No Animal Testing
    Certified Gluten Free

All of these labels provide insights into various certifications and regulations that empower consumers to make the best decision. While consumers may not know the details of these certification and regulation programs, they can be assured they are purchasing a product that follows specified guidelines.

Now that you know more about the US Hemp Authority seal of certification, we hope this standard will help assure you of the quality of your hemp and hemp-derived product purchases. However, this is just one step on the overall journey of ensuring you get products that are as high quality as possible.

At Potted Shop, we take even further steps in providing verified premium hemp derived products. We strive to go even further than the basics, guiding you towards what is best for you and your loved ones. This is why each of our companies we partner with and products we sell go through an intentional verification process, and we list the ingredients and cannabinoid breakdown in each product listing. This way you know exactly what you are getting before you even make a purchase.

Don’t ever make a purchase from a site if you are unsure about the contents of the products. We are here to help. You can always contact us directly with questions and concerns.

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Educating Consumers

Another priority of labeling is to help educate consumers on what they are purchasing. Hemp is an amazing plant, full of cannabinoids, which vary in their uses and functions. Currently, there are over 100 different cannabinoids that are recognized and researched. The US Hemp Authority lays out each of the main cannabinoids found in hemp that are beneficial to consumers. You can read more about each one in the guided report.

US Hemp Authority

Remember, we are just scratching the surface in regards to which compounds perform which functions, however, we know very confidently that Hemp Extract, or cannabidiol, is our primary focal point that may help in alleviating various health issues.

Always consult with your doctor or a healthcare professional before adding Hemp CBD or Hemp Extract to your supplement regimen.

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